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 Anna Vos: lefty, mother of two, wifey, human

Anna Vos: lefty, mother of two, wifey, human

I'm a lefty and the lady behind Owl Post Lettering, a small shop based in Rochester, NY, offering calligraphy services, thoughtful gifts, and workshops in lettering and modern calligraphy. 

I love words. I love letters. I have always loved the aesthetic of words and sentences and paragraphs. I was the kid in high school painting song lyrics on her ceiling. But after a failed middle-school attempt with a calligraphy kit, I assumed you had to be a "real artist" or some kind of superhero to make art with letters. It turns out, you don't have to be! 

Anyone can try modern calligraphy! You can imagine my delight when I realized regular people could do this, and what's more, that I really enjoyed it! That was April 2016, and   I have been practicing and making lettering art ever since. 

This has already been such an amazing and fun journey. Lettering and calligraphy are so centering for me, and I feel so lucky that it found me. One of my favorite parts is that I can use it to make gifts! Thoughtful gifts are one of my love languages! I would love to make something special for you or your loved ones. Hit me up! And thanks for checking out Owl Post Lettering! 

Favorite Food

Sushi, falafel

Favorite drinks

Dirty chai, rosé

favorite pen

Depends on the day, right now I love the Tombow Fudenosuke hard tip.


Rochester, NY

Favorite Humans

My husband Elliot, and our two kids, Ruby and Rory

favorite shows

Doctor Who, Gilmore Girls, Parks & Rec, Parenthood


I would love to teach you what I know about modern calligraphy, lettering, and other crafts!

I have several classes available through the Rochester Brainery and am available for private workshops as well.


Modern brush calligraphy

In Modern Brush Calligraphy, we focus on using small-style brush pens to learn the basics of calligraphy and letter-shapes. Students receive practice sheets and pens and are given individual attention in a group setting. You will leave the class with the foundations of modern calligraphy and the confidence to keep practicing and create beautiful modern calligraphy!

Brush Calligraphy: Level 2 

This new class will focus on layouts for lettering, as well as adding flourishing and more flair to your lettering! This class is for anyone who has taken Modern Brush Calligraphy (or has equivalent experience) and wants to really take their lettering and modern calligraphy to the next level. 

Dual-brush lettering

This class focuses on the power-house of the dual-brush pen, specifically those made by Tombow. These brush pens have a large tip, which can be daunting to the beginner, but they can be used to create beautiful lettering art AND be used as watercolor paint to make exciting backgrounds for lettering and greeting cards. We will explore it all in this class! 

Watercolor lettering

Learn the beauty of watercolor lettering. Students will receive a paintbrush and paint to take home, along with the skills they need to keep practicing! We'll go over some lettering basics as well as blending paint seamlessly. 

Making homemade pierogi

Not hand-lettering related, but I love to teach folks how to make homemade pierogi! I teach these classes seasonally through the Brainery, and they are available as a private class option as well. 

private classes

Interested in a class that focuses on making a craft? Choose from several options of crafting, including embossing journals, greeting cards, inspirational placards, and more. Contact me for more details! 

Coming soon: Ipad lettering, faux Calligraphy -- stay tuned!


Upcoming classes at the Rochester Brainery

Contact me to set up a private lesson or workshop!

Or shop in person in Rochester!

Upcoming local shows

Saturday, March 24, 11am-4pm
Pop Up Shop
Little Button Craft, 658 South Ave, 14620

Saturday, April 28, 11am-4pm
MayDay Underground
Village Gate, 274 Goodman St, 14607

Saturday, May 12, 10:30am-6pm
Sunday, May 13, 10:30am-5pm
Lilac Festival Art In The Park
Highland Park, Reservoir Ave, 14620

Products in stock at

Little Button Craft
658 South Ave, 14620

Rochester Brainery
176 Anderson Ave, 14607

Shop Peppermint
145 Culver Rd, 14620

Have a question? Want something made just for you? Need a thoughtful gift? Want to collaborate? 

I want to hear from you! 

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